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I Will Not Forget You

“The truest words of all: I will not forget you. You are in my waking thoughts, my sweetest memories, my dearest dreams. I will not forget you. You have touched my soul, opened my eyes, changed my very experience of the universe. I will not forget you. I see you in the flowers, the sunset, the sweep of the horizon and all things that stretch to infinity. I will not forget you. I have carved you on the palm of my hand. I carry you with me forever.”
– Ellen Sue Stern, Living With Loss, 1995

Create the Life You Want

“Crisis is the challenge and the opportunity to uncover what we value, rediscover what we need, redefine what gives us pleaseure, recreate a meaningful life and reconfigure the inner workings of self.” – Laura Day, Welcome To Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want

Bringing Prayer to Life

“A little bit of mindfulness is better than none at all, and a little bit of prayer will eventually allow for a little more. Prayer doesn’t require a church or special equipment any more than fitness requires a gym, though both may one day seem more appealing than they do at the start. All prayer requires is a little time.” – Kate Braestrup,
Beginner’s Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life

Dying To Be Me

“It’s not important whether I’m having a bad day or a bad week. It’s more important how I’m feeling about myself while I’m facing this day or week. It’s about trusting the process even as I face a difficult time and not being afraid to feel anxiety, sadness, or fear, rather than suppressing everything until those emotions pass. It’s about allowing myself to be true to who I am. Because of this, the feelings will dissipate and occur less and less frequently.”
Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me

Loving What Is

“Suffering is optional. Whenever we experience a stressful feeling – anything from mild discomfort to intense sorrow, rage or despair – we can be certain that there is a specific thought causing our reaction, whether or not we are conscious of it. The way to end our stress is to investigate the thinking that lies behind it …” – Byron Katie, Loving What Is

Comparing Losses

“The time has come to stop looking at one another as different or better or worse. We must stop comparing ourselves through our collection of assets and accomplishments. We can relinquish our judgment and accept our shared human existence however varied it may seem from one person’s experience to the next. We are all challenged by the same core lessons, the same types of opportunities and the same compounding fears. We are all grounded in the basic need to love ourselves and to be loved by those around us.” – Seth David Chernoff,
Manual for Living: A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

Examine Your Thoughts

“In this greatest of all adventures, you cannot ever be less than you really are: limitless, forever, and totally awesome. But you can think that you are less than you really are.


– Mike Dooley,
Choose Them Wisely: Thoughts Become Things

Who Shows Up?

“Some of the friends I thought would be of comfort weren’t and those relationships slowly faded away. Meanwhile, other relationships strengthened amid the turmoil …”
– Marie Tillman,
The Letter: My Journey Through Love, Loss & Life

Painful Emotion

“Our task is not to avoid painful emotion, but rather to transform it at its roots. And that we cannot do if we don’t go through the emotion authentically. Sadness has to be experienced in order to be transcended. No situation can be transformed until it is accepted as it is.”
– Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles

Broken Open

“The place of hopelessness and fear is real, not a cute little allegory. Some people never leave that place and are broken on the rocks. Some people stop fighting and slip into the depths. We come to understand that, although we do not have control, we do have a choice. We are free. We are made so and it is our great gift. We can choose darkness, fear, addiction and despair. We can choose light, hope, meaning and joy. … I chose life. I chose to find a way back up.” – Glen quoted in Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser