From Barbara: I came to the group very raw and depleted. Through the structure of The Grief Recovery Method™ Program and Lynne’s gentle guidance, the group steadily built an incredible sense of trust and safety.  This was a place where I could really be myself in relation to my losses, and witness others doing the same.  There was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way– no judgment and no pressure.  I learned so much from Lynne, and from the other group members.  Some of what I discovered during the process was unexpected but extremely helpful, and my relationships have benefited from it. I found my vitality again, and feel I have a strong foundation to deal fully and openly with past and future losses.

From Ana: Thank you for this priceless gift. Thanks to all of this work, I am able to write my life story in a different light.

From Paula: The Grief Recovery Method™ Program provided an amazing source of support and resources, and I’m so glad to have attended the program that you led.  My journey was very inspiring as each week I gained more insight into my loss experience.  Learning from you was a natural process because you “get it”.  What insight you have!  I find the rewards of this program are ongoing as I continue to use the tools and knowledge that I’ve gained from it.

From Julie: With your guidance and assistance, I feel that the program has empowered me with the tools necessary to not only help myself, but also my children; to grieve and hold on to hope for the future.  I think the most valuable aspects of the program for me were discussing the common myths of grief and allowing myself to feel what I need to feel at any given moment.  I feel like this program has impacted several relationships, and it has provided me with a sensitivity for others who are experiencing similar losses.

From Maureen: From the first session, I knew that Lynne and her program were special.  She is such an empathic person, and I felt safe and comfortable sharing my feelings with her.  No one had asked me to describe the day my mother died.  As I told the story, I cried, but they were tears of healing and release.  I learned about positive coping behaviors and was able to identify negative behaviors that I had used to cope.  I began to open up to friends and family and found them to be sympathetic and understanding.  I have used lessons from the program to help a friend on her grief journey.  I will take the lessons from The Grief Recovery Method™ Program with me into all aspects of my life.

From William: I communicated and you understood and better than any of that, responded with empathy. Thank you.

From Gene: I found Lynne a very comfortable person with whom to talk, and to share difficult experiences. Her sharing of her own experiences also helped to make it an “equal” and comfortable relationship. The historical timeline was very useful as it helped to avoid burying issues that need to be recognized, and to put the present in better perspective. Talking explicitly about the death of my wife was a difficult but important step. Lynne also helped me with some peripheral grief issues. I found the experience with Lynne was an important step toward moving on in life.

From Deidre: Lynne’s style of coaching is personal, respectful and absolutely confidential. She is outstanding when it comes to drawing information out and helping to find new perspectives on “old” situations facilitating forward movement.