The Grief Recovery Method™

The Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program is an Educational Intervention designed to support people who are learning to live with or reconcile a recent or long-ago loss experience.  (Recovery is defined as “to regain a sense of well being”.)

The curriculum-driven, time-limited program uses the textbook The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman. The reading is accessible and the homework is reasonable.  Group sessions OR one-to-one sessions last 8 weeks. All materials are provided. The Outreach Program provides a safe environment for participants to take the actions outlined in The Grief Recovery Method.

The curriculum is divided into three parts: Discovery, Recovery and Completion.  Participants examine their loss history and identify the “unfinished business” in a relationship that needs attention and reconciliation. Small, correct choices help participants bring relationships “up-to-date”; the relationship may be with someone who is available in your day-to-day life or with someone who is no longer physically present.

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“Whether the loss is a death, a divorce, or a painful estrangement from another person, the question ‘What do wish had been different, better, or more?’ will always help you find what is incomplete.” (p. 61, Grief Recovery Handbook)