If you are struggling with disappointment, sadness, despair … or any range of feelings due to a recent or long-ago loss experience, the Life After Loss Website is created with you in mind.

The centerpiece of the Life After Loss Site is The Grief Recovery Method™ Program facilitated by Lynne Staley. (Follow Life After Loss Coach on Facebook!)

The Grief Recovery Method™ Program is a tried and true curriculum designed to help people reconcile loss experiences and strengthen present-day relationships.  Explore the Site for additional resources as you navigate your unique life after loss.


The normal, natural, and innate response to disappointment, loss or any sad experiences.

The outward expression of grief; the sharing of grief with others.

The Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program is an Educational Intervention designed to support people who are learning to live with or reconcile a recent or long-ago disappointment or loss.  The curriculum-driven, time-limited program uses the textbook The Grief Recovery Handbook by John James and Russell Friedman. The program is available in a group setting or in one-to-one sessions in Naperville, Illinois.


 Grief is the agonizing space of disharmony, disequilibrium and discomfort between what we want from life and what we ultimately get.

  John Welshons, Awakening From Grief: Finding the Way Back to Joy

Contact Lynne to learn how EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping can benefit you during your exploration of grief and loss in your life.